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/fraktƏl/  noun
a never-ending pattern; infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales

Think of branching tree limbs or the the structure on the back of a leaf. A stem has many branches. Zoom into a branch and it looks similar to the stem, and it has multiple branches. Zoom into one of its branches and it looks similar to the stem.

In many ways, fractals are a great analogy to Huntsville culture. It’s a culture where small ideas eminate and express themselves within large groups, resulting in organizations doing all sorts of crazy things like send people to the moon or find new ways to map the human genome.

Around here, that’s just another day at the office.

And it’s one of the reasons Fractal Brewing Project is proud to be a product of Huntsville culture.

The Birth of an Idea

Fractal is the brainchild of Larry Lowe, a Huntsville native who spent over 20 years as a tech leader in radar and satellite communications. Throughout his career, Larry noticed that most great ideas were seldom birthed in an office or boardroom.  Instead, they came to life among friends in relaxed, creative environments. In 2018, he exited the defense industry to start Fractal Brewing Project: a brewery and community space filled with art and conversation that just may birth the next big idea. 

Likewise, head brewer and master craftsman, Bradley “Robo” Robison is busy at the helm of Fractal’s brewing system. Robo has studied at Siebel World Brewing Academy, been an active member of Master Brewers Association, and studied through different programs to become well trained on process, ingredients, and even German beer styles. He’s perfecting classic styles like the pilsner, porter, and pale ale. Bradley is also working with culinary artists to explore boundary-pushing IPA, saison, and cider recipes to challenge your palate.

Larry Lowe

Larry Lowe


Bradley "Robo" Robison

Bradley "Robo" Robison

Head Brewer & Master Craftsman/Co-Founder

Damon Eubanks

Damon Eubanks

General Manager/Band Bookings


Innovation Meets Tradition

Located along the west side of John Hunt Park, Fractal Brewing Project is housed in a building that launched two other breweries in Huntsville’s early days of craft beer. Fractal’s new, open floor plan design pays homage to the craft trailblazers that came before us but gives patrons a fresh experience.


Don’t worry if you can’t or don’t drink alcoholic beverages. We honor your decision and promise to keep creative, non-alcoholic options on our menu at all times.

If you’ve gotten this far and need even more details, explore our FAQ page.

Grab a Beer

Founded by a Huntsville native and brewed in a space steeped in craft beer tradition, Fractal Brewing Project is serving up drinks that are infinitely complex. Come discover your favorite.